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Providing Expert Medical Care to Yacht Crew

CrewCare provides medical care on yachts. Our service connects yacht crew members with licensed physicians and other medical professionals for remote consultations and support. Yacht crew members often face challenges in accessing timely, consistent and efficient medical care due to remote locations, busy schedules, and limited resources.

CrewCare addresses the gap in medical care on yachts  by providing a convenient and comprehensive solution specifically tailored to the maritime industry. It further highlights the importance of Monaco both in the yachting and medical services industry.

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Doctor and patient

For Whom
Yacht Crew and Guests

Year-Round Subscriptions
Yachts subscribe annually, granting all crew members access to our clinicians throughout the subscription period.

Advanced Technology
We provide medical care on yachts by utilising the Tyto app and remote monitoring device, a clinically certified system enabling remote examinations by doctors, including assessments of the heart, lungs, and ears. This device is already used by innovative healthcare systems in Europe and the US.

Dedicated Support Team
Each yacht is assigned a CrewCare Administrator and a General Practitioner (GP) Doctor. The Administrator serves as the primary point of contact for crew, assisting with inquiries and appointment scheduling.

Seamless Access to Care
Crew members can request consultations through the Tyto app, phone, or email.

Follow-up Assistance
We assist crew members in finding follow-up services like blood tests or vaccinations worldwide, ensuring continuity of care.

Transparent Billing
Yachts have a set number of credits included in their subscription, used each time a crew member accesses the service. Care is free at the point of delivery for crew, and CrewCare handles all billing.

Tyto device

The CrewCare Tyto App
CrewCare give full training in using the App and monitoring device. You can rest assured that there will always be professional help to guide you through the procedures if required.

Regulatory Compliance
CrewCare fully understands and adheres to all relevant regulations and guidelines set forth by the Monegasque government, including data privacy laws and patient confidentiality protocols. We also ensure that all collaborating medical professionals are duly licensed, insured and practice within the areas they are legally entitled to.

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